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  • Arkilight Combo Graze is a 3 in 1 luminaire with cove lighting and grazing features
  • Triple emission lighting is a combination of two side lighting with down grazing
  • 3 level light source positioning to adjust the beam angle and glare control
  • Higher glare control compared to other lens grazer lighting solutions
  • To be configured with monochrome LED light sources for grazing function
  • Flexible modularity with linear alignment accessories
  • Adaptable profile for cabling (Canalina) in order to run connector and cable through a secondary space
  • Lens optics with narrow beam light distribution
  • Optimum heat dissipation performance for high lumen LED strips and LED modules
  • High quality aluminium alloy with premium anodized finish
  • Various finishing options such as anodizing and customized RAL finishing
  • Combo Graze LED profiles configured with dedicated accessories, mounting brackets and end caps
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  • Technical Data
    • Mounting Type Surface Mounted Ceiling
    • Profile Trim Type With Trim
    • Light Distribution Double Wide + Narrow Beam Lens
    • Optic Type Lens Grazer
      Opal Diffusor
      Matte Satine Diffusor
      Clear Diffusor
    • Bending Options Non - Bendable
    • Material Aluminum 6060/6063
      Aluminium Raw
    • Cooling Capacity 60 W/m
    • Led Path Width 27/27/24 mm
    • IP Protection IP20
  • Finish/Colour
    • Anodized Matte Finish Matte Gold Anodized
      Matte Light Gray Anodized
      Matte Black Anodized
      Matte Chocolate Brown Anodized
      Matte Warm Brown Anodized
      Matte Cafe Latte Anodized
    • Anodized Glossy Finish Glossy Gold Anodized
      Glossy Light Gray Anodized
      Glossy Black Anodized
      Glossy Chocolate Brown Anodized
      Glossy Warm Brown Anodized
      Glossy Cafe Latte Anodized
    • Painted Finish Customized RAL Colour Finish
    • Raw Finish Raw Aluminium Finish
  • Light Distribution
    • Double Wide+Narrow Beam Lens
  • Mounting Type
    • Surface Mounted Ceiling
    • Suspended
  • Profile Trim Type
    • With Trim
  • Application Type
    • Showcase Lighting
    • Kitchen Lighting
    • Office Lighting
  • Optic Type
    • Opal Diffuser
    • Matte Satine Diffusor
    • Clear Diffusor
    • Lens Grazer



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