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ARKILIGHT offers a wide variety of aluminium lighting profiles with anodized treatment. In order to extend the lifetime of the products we apply optimum quality finishing that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. We can apply exclusive treatment for heavy duty applications.


ARKILIGHT utilizes high quality alloy aluminium for FLEXAR lighting profiles. Depending on the application type, application atmosphere and decorative finish of design environment we can apply various surface treatment process on demand. We can develop special finishes such as electropolishing, satinated finishing and high resistent anodizing in different colours.


FLEXAR offers flexibility in colour finishing. Beside anodizing process ARKILIGHT can develop special coloured finishes in specific RAL colour in a selected gloss value. Our Support team will inform you about minimum order quantities and type of profiles that we can apply electrostatic powder painting process.


FLEXAR offers customized sizes and forms for your Project. ARKILIGHT can manufacture lighting profiles and extrusion optics in various sizes on demand. Our production team can size and angular cut the profiles in order to grant you the freedom to create a modular lighting system and minimize the time to install FLEXAR LIGHTING FIXTURES on site.


ARKILIGHT has the capability of designing, modelling and engineering bended and curved lighting profile fixtures. Our design and production team can analyze your request and inform you about Technical criterias, bending limits and modularity of curved modules. Bending is an on demand service for a selected range of profiles to be produced in a special aluminium alloy. FLEXAR offers a range of bendable lighting profiles without diffusor optics, using ‘indirect lighting’ technique.


ARKILIGHT can develop lighting profiles in different protection classes. Water and dust proof luminaires can be designed and developed on demand according to defined application type. FLEXAR covers a range of sealed lighting sources as well, we can supply IP67 linear and flexible lighting sources with special mounting brackets.


ARKILIGHT is capable to offer you finished lighting fixtures. You can still design a modular lighting system and our team can configure and mount: profiles, light sources, optics, connectors and end caps. You can develop your customized FLEXAR LIGHTING FIXTURE with the support of our team.